Society’s War

November 19, 2007
Society wants us to all be the same.
Don’t face conflict, run from change.
It can’t be different, everything’s lame.
Nothing can go wrong, society’s to blame.

They expect us to conform to what they want us to be.
We can’t voice our opinions if it’s not what they believe.
Let’s do this, okay, we can’t do that, but what about me?
This is society’s war, and the different aren’t free.

I won’t be like them so they shun me away.
Because I dare to be different everyday.
They’re mad at me; they don’t get their way.
I won’t be like them, society’s to blame.

They run from confrontation, they won’t be heard.
But when I want to speak, I can’t say a word.
They shut me out – I won’t do as I’m told.
This is society’s battle; it’s getting absurd.

This is society’s war; it’s us against them.
We can’t confront them, they won’t change.
Nothing can be different, it’s all the same.
This is society’s war, and they’re to blame.

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