November 19, 2007
By pamela folk, Chambersburg, PA

life is like seasons
it's cold and lonely, but then again it's beautiful. There are happy times that we celebrate and there are sad times that we just hate.
It can be coldhearted and lonely, but at times it's the most beautiful thing that God has created. There are times where you just can't stop smiling and there are times whre you just want to be left alone.
There are a lot of changes that happen in this period of time. It's starts out warm then ends cold. Nothing really happens, it's more less a calm season.
They change a lot. They can be happy one minute then the next with no warning be sad and miserable. Nothing interesting really happens in their life. Which makes them change moods even more and more often.
It's always hot. You never get a break. The bugs are a big pest this time of year. It's more rowdy then anything.
It's always there. You can't get a break. Sometimes it bugs you to no end. It sometimes talks to you all the time. It even sometimes plays tricks on you. At times it can be the moisiest thing. Literally "Headache" time.
It has the, "just right," weather; no too hot nad nhot too cold. It's the most cheery time. You wouldn't want to be at any other season but this one.
Some ones are "just right." They are everything a fairytale has. They walk into the room with a glow upon them. You wouldn't want to leave their presence nor want them to leave yours.
People, life, love, hope, even, seasons. It all comes down to one thing.
what season are you living by?

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