The Destitute of My Happiness

November 19, 2007
By Antonette Huell, Lane, SC

The Destitute of My Happiness

It’s as if I can not feel sometimes
Almost as if my heart has iced over and is merely a black hole
I feel so alone sometimes
Not knowing who I can turn to and trust
My emotions are my own
And as my own, am I expected not to understand?
I mean understanding the way I feel and why
The destitute of my happiness far behind me
I think its all in the past
Yes I once was a happy child
But I don’t know what happened
I guess I began to grow up
Realizing that all in the world is not okay
I do have things to worry about
Then I was carefree
Nothing to fear and no responsibilities
But now its has dawned on me
I can’t be giddy as I want to be sometimes
People expect me to be so serious
What they don’t realize is I have that serious look and tone
But inside I am laughing at them
Yes even you
Silly people the destitute of my happiness doesn’t mean it’s gone
It just that you can’t see me smiling on the inside
For the destitute of my happiness does not lie in my heart
It’s just on the expression of my face

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