October 21, 2010
By Danielle_Rodriguez SILVER, Carmichael, California
Danielle_Rodriguez SILVER, Carmichael, California
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I closed my heart
I cleared my head
I pulled myself together part by part
I tried to forget about what you had said

You had said you liked me
I had said the same
I thought it was meant to be
But to you this was obviously just a game

You raised me up
Then slammed me down
You wanted to win the "cup"
But I couldn’t go another round

So I said goodbye
This was the end
I didn't want to hear another lie
So I just pushed "send"

I pray for you because I still care
I forgive you
Even though my heart, you did tear
I hope next time you "think" before you "do"

Don't play girls like you played me
Instead treat them with respect
And sincerity
Instead of lies and neglect

So I said goodbye to what could’ve been
I say goodbye to my brother, my friend
In this way my heart may mend
I'm sorry but this is the end

Unless you decide to care
To fix what you did
But apologizing is indeed quite rare
So until then goodbye to you I bid

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