November 19, 2007
Gazing into the mirror as I see
Blood stained tears shed from the eyes of my enemy
I dance around on blistered feet
And my song looses its melody with lyrics as sweet
As ice-cream headaches and candy taken from a baby
Spinning so fast, dizzy and clumsy
Colliding into the demons who are visiting me
I must put love on hold to gain victory
This battle is young, desperate, and sad
Deaths come two by two and it is too bad
That I cannot save myself from the bleeding
Eyes dilated, blood pixilated and so needing
Looking into the mirror and I am blind
To what is looking back, a wicked fiend
Leaking ruby red and the moon outside is empty
Wrists and hearts still attached but I still cannot see
A betraying kiss with viscous words that can kill
Stitches away from bleeding to death, as the final seconds are a thrill
Concealed secrets and forbidden fears as bitter
As killing your enemy and loving your lover
My words leak out all over the place
It’s the deaths of many falling short from grace
Staring at my murderer, my competition
It is me looking back, my reflection

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