My surrounding is crowding.

November 19, 2007
My surrounding is crowding.
My heart is pounding.
A remembrance of timeless moments and countless memories.
A change of feelings can't change your endings, yet,
Somehow I'm still in the front seat wheeling
To change that one emotion.
That's my devotion,
To get things straight before it becomes too late.
I try to be strong,
Life goes on.
We're left with what we have.
No more back traveling into what we had.
What will happen is uncertain, like an unexpected word in.
Nothing is through,
Until one experience changes you;
Something you thought would have never happened.
It happens so quick, so keep your seat belt fastened.
Realization and a precognition of what is important,
will help you through life, and show you that,
It's all worth it.

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