December 4, 2007
The empty space inside of me will never be replaced, now that you dead I lay in bed with emptiness to face. Now that you’re gone my soul is too and it’s all because I am left here alone without you. You left with no warning, with none what so ever. You died peacefully at home, just you and Heather. Your in my thoughts, your in my dreams, I love you more than anything. I know we will meet again some day, that place is in heaven up past the stars and far away. I will think of you always and forever and more. There is one more thing that I want you to know… that I love you more than life alone. With out you I’m lost, I’m lost I’m in knee deep. Without you I cannot sleep a wink. Flashbacks come to my mind every 3 or 4 times my eyes start to swell and my throat starts to hurt. I’m devastated that I did not say goodbye that is probably the reason I cry. I never thought I would be left here alone with my heart in shock and with good memories getting cold. I know it was time for you to go I try to understand but now I cannot get the concept of who I really am. No matter how cold the good memories get I just have to remember you are always apart my heart and soul.

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