Spirit of the Night

December 4, 2007
By Anonymous

I could gaze all night,
At the stars up in the sky.
I could close my eyes and listen
To the sounds of the night;
To the music of the crickets,
In perfect harmony,
With the leaves blowing and rustling in the wind.
I can feel the wind on my face,
The gentle breezes of the night.
And with that comes so much more...
Like the melody of wind chimes,
Harmonizing perfectly,
With the crickets and the leaves blowing in the wind.
And I can also hear,
Once in a while,
The whistling of a train,
Being brought on the wind;
That carries my spirit,

I could gaze all night,
At the stars in the sky;
I could close my eyes,
And listen,
To the sounds of the night…
Or I can close my eyes,
Empty my ears, my heart, my mind
And forget all that I ever knew;
That when the sun goes down,
A new world is born…
A world made up of
Stars in the sky,
And the music that the crickets make,
Along with the leaves blowing in the wind,
And the chimes and the whistles,
And my dreams
Harmonizing as one…
Along with the wind,
That carries my spirit,
To a faraway world…

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