The Storybook

December 4, 2007
By Ashley Harris, Trinity, NC

You blindly provoke my thoughts
Dwelling in my abyss of
Mindless wandering;
Antagonizing my sea of emotions
You won’t let me be.
I’m forced to contemplate
The memory of what is left
Of you in me.
Every night I would wonder
Scouring in my own disbelief
What is this thing called love?
You break through my barriers
Destroying any means of
Protection towards myself;
I feel alone without you now.
As I have always felt.
I remember you well and
How much disbelief I swim in
You never loved me; liar.
I was just another act
In your silly little storybook.
Well, because of you
I do not believe in fairytales.
I do not believe in you.

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