December 3, 2007
To what extent is it art?
and to what extent is it a mask?
It goes beyond lipstick and mascara
It goes beyond decoration and enhancement of natural


(presuming natural beauty remains in this superficial world)
Makeup is time.
Makeup is money.
Split the word up:
to make up, as in pretend, fake, not real, a lie.
to make up for something, that perhaps was lacking, or we believe to be lacking.

Little girls, old ladies, and even some boys
cannot see who they are without it hiding the truth
because of fear.
Fear of seeing what they think they lack.
But in reality what they lack is not physical.
their deformities come from within.
confidence maybe.
self esteep kind of.
true happiness definitley.

Make up is fun.
Until too much becomes not enough
and the most important decision becomes
Bubblegum Pink


Rosy Red?

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