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October 26, 2010
By brookegamache81 BRONZE, Durham, Maine
brookegamache81 BRONZE, Durham, Maine
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I am from Lisbon Falls,

from Windex and sweeping the kitchen.

I am from asking a trillion times if we can pleeease go to Disneyworld this year,

and trying to save up a million dollars so I could buy Zippity the hamster a gravestone.

I am from a blue house,

with a small, dusty attic apartment where I lived.

I am from the bright Christmas tree in the living room,

and from wearing a crown and tutu on October 31.

I am from cleaning things and messing them up.

I am from knowing every word to every Aaron Carter song,

and the dances, too.

I am from “Wake up!” and “Goodnight.”

I am from wanting to be a wedding designer when I grow up.

and a ballet dancer. And an author. And a doctor, all in the same week.

I am from telling my mom that everyone has them,

and that’s why I need light-up sneakers.

I am from Sunday school sing-a-longs and summer camps.

I am from wishing on the first star every night,

and believing that someday I would really get a unicorn.

I am from Roopers and the Getty.

I am from never wanting to call my mom “mom”.

because mommy just sounds better.

I am from thinking I am an adult

the day I hit double-digits.

I am from Cheese-it’s and Wonderbread.

I am from our brand-spankin’ new Tv;

that already has a Vcr in it.

I am from the wooden chest that is hiding in my mom’s closet,

keeping all of our love, happiness and hope safe inside.

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