October 26, 2010
By , Moore, OK
We are tired.

I’m tired of hiding in the closet,
While you’re going crazy.
I’m sitting there on the carpet,
Hearing you beat her, calling her lazy.

She yells for you to stop,
It’s like you can’t hear.
The beatings are just nonstop,
Mostly because you drink to much beer.

Can’t you hear our cries,
Do you even have a heart?
Or are you trying to cover up all your lies,
Because you’re tearing us all apart.

Why did you start this,
We were happy before.
Now that life I miss,
Because now we are hiding behind a secretive door.

We have tried to run,
But you are always there.
Every time she says we are done,
You always find us, it just not fair.

We are just to tired,
I’ve grown up with the beating.
At first you were someone my other admired,
Now my mom is regretting you two meeting.

Don’t you ever get tired,
This secret life you’re living.
Or is this just the way you are wired,
Because what you are doing is unforgiving.

What would you do if the whole world knew,
This little secret we own.
Would you wish everything you could undo,
You, we would just disown.

We are all tired of this,
Can’t you see.
Not one parting kiss,
Not even from me.

We are done,
You are gone.
Our new life has begun,
We can finally relax she thinks with a yawn.

The beatings are no more,
We are not tired.
We threw out all the clothes you wore,
Now we have everything we desired.

We finally get to really live,
I can finally be a normal kid.
We’re glad to be alive,
We will never forget what you did.

We’re not tired anymore.

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