The Day My Dad Met the Devil

December 3, 2007
By Joshua O'Malley, Littleton, CO

A new insurance provider for the family.
Privatized, new, government recommended.
My dad the white, middle class, collared
They spoke about the possible future use

The cruel truth; we left the previous company
because we were too cheap.
Now talking to the Devil.
It wasn’t to a burning bush
in fact he was not burning.

Lies or truth?
Everyone was asking the Devil…
It would have been cool to have met him
but I would not have been any help politically
Reelection is not overlooked

Did he want to know anything about insurance
or just our souls and our fragile lives?

The room was white, dark, walled
Missing nothing.
Picture perfect photo-op.
Lights… in three, two,

Father, Father, forgive me for I have sinned
And my earthly father has met the Devil

An image of my dad all over the news
The Devil and my dad shaking hands
both not wanting to see the other again
My dad finally gets the job he wants
Promotion after that year

New insurance soon upset us
Wisdom teeth ripped out of two kids
An infection in one of them
Another trip to the ER
Fast fiction never comes out that clear

The day my day met the President.

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