The Girl Who Never Cries

November 1, 2010
By DaniT GOLD, Mallard, Iowa
DaniT GOLD, Mallard, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
Stuggle with a smile- Do whatever you have to do, but never let them see you cry.

A little girl hiding in the room
Crying and covering her ears
Parents to busy screaming to
Wipe away their daughters tears

Whispering to herself
Begging them to stop
When they fight it hurts
Worse then a belly flop

A few years later
She's twelve years old
Mom says they're leaving
And that it's time to go

She gets in the car
So very late at night
Crying in the back seat
Thinking that it isn't right

Two years full of drama
Was the only thing to fallow
Maybe the girl would care
If she wasn't so hallow

She thought it was over
That everything was okay
When they came back
This time they would stay

Now just two years later
Its worse then ever before
Her mom may not be strong enough
But she'll certainly walk out that door

They scream and fight
Just like they used to do
The girl just shrugs it off
Thinking it's nothing new

The only difference now is
She no longer shakes and hides
This 16 year old stands up for herself
Now she's the girl who never cries

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