Ain't So Bad

October 26, 2010
By Sarah Harlow BRONZE, Putney, Vermont
Sarah Harlow BRONZE, Putney, Vermont
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Ain't So Bad

I know a lot about rednecks

I know a lot about rednecks

We hunt

You kill

We burp

You smell
We ride wheelers

and bikes

You crash and

pick fights
We party and drink

You smoke and it stinks
But who's to say we can't

But who's to say you can't

have fun?

have fun?

Just keep your distance
We'll do as we please

Your bad intensions are greatly

We're just having fun
no need to fight
We love our families

They love their families
We love our friends

They love their friends
We'll pull you out of a


So easy it's a cinch.

But ask me to do that and it's

"sol" you'll hear
We rednecks ain't so bad

You rednecks aren't so bad
With out carhartt's and trucks

With their grease and their rust
But your car ain't in the ditch

It's back on the road in a flinch
Us rednecks are good for

Those rednecks are good for



What else could we possibly

What else could you possibly



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