Picking Thorned Daises

December 3, 2007
By Chelsea Boye, Spring Lake, MI

You always told me your dreams
Desires and demons
I always followed through
Bloating my mind
With distractions for your fears
Elucidations for your ambitions
And comforts
Repetition appeared to be on our side
Aiding to our continual alliance
With all this durably on our side
How can one matter verse leave us
Small motionless particles
Trying to swim up stream
Swearing to surrender
Fly our flag white at any matter
Was it because we meshed so well
As to never have to yield
To any demeaning task
Or by stander
Yet that seemed to happen for you
Every year out, everlasting
From account one
Too many to count on fingers and toes
Here I go criticizing you for your ways
But I can confess here
That I can’t blame you for being you
But I hate you’re unmatched style.

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