No Friend of Mine

October 25, 2010
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I started to cry
Because you were laughing
Right along with everyone else
You didn’t even apologize
Even though you knew just how I felt

It was me that picked you up
I made you easier on the eye
It was me that made you smile
People eventually came closer

It was me who covered you
Every time they threw the hard ball
I took one for the team
And let them aim their balls at you to hit me

And it was me today humiliated
It was me for once on the other side
I know you found your people
So I'm letting you go, have fun

I gave up my other friends for you
Because none of them really liked you anyways
Will they take me back today?
Because they saw your true ways before me

I'm saying goodbye
Your new friends are high fiving you right now
Yeah I guess now you have a crowd
I am stepping down

I'm ashamed of your behavior
You will agree with me later
But then it will be too late
My history is up to date

I know what you are
Now that you fit in
I'm dropped like dirty clothes
A meaningless thing you don't need anymore

I'm out the door
By the time you turn around to take a look
You don't know what you’ve done
I was your best friend and now I'm gone

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