Getting to where I want to be

October 25, 2010
By NikkiBaby92 BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
NikkiBaby92 BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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As I wake up...I see the rain outside I grab my keys and I'm out the door walking in the rain to get somewhere where he might be but I'm falling apart as the rain pours on me. I don't know what to do but I'm still walking to get to him. No matter howbad it rains I can get through any storm life throws at me. I don't have a car so instead I'm walking along trying to find him. As the storm passes I see him standing there with a rose in his hand and instead of me being drenched I'm standing before him with a dress and heels with my haor blowing in the wind. Where am I you ask? Im in North Carolina with him adn could not be happier. Yet this might be a dream but it's going to come true someday but instead of me walking I will be driving to see him.

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