October 25, 2010
By NikkiBaby92 BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
NikkiBaby92 BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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I haven't seen my reflection in a while...I wonder why. If I do I'm afraid on how I will view myself as others view me. But I don't know when I can look in that mirror at this girl who has loved and lost but now it's like I'm ready to move on and love again. I'm ready to forget about it and be happy as I once was but fearing how everything will turn out. I know I have fears, but being fearless is something that I have to start being. I know if I fall I always get up no matter how bad it maybe I always find my way back. It's hard to just oh I'm not going to get back up and try it agaim. Some people say that. But me...its a different story. I don't give up without a fight. I fight for what I want or I work to get it. Nothing comes free but again people think it does

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