He Was The Key

December 3, 2007
By Alexandra Perez, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Her soul, her spirit, felt caged.
She was searching for the key to open the lock.
She found the key.
The key was a handsome and mysterious man.

He led her closer to him.
Then, one night while she was in bed,
He came to her.
She awoke with him at the foot of her bed.

"Come with me, mon ange. Let us slip into the
night, where we belong. Let the darkness embrace
us." He whispered to her.
It compelled her.

She took his hand, and he drew her into the heat of his body.
He took her to his castle that overlooked the ocean.
They stood together, with his arms locked around her.
They watched the water shine under the moon.

"Will you stay with me, mon couer? Will you let the night
embrace you and your dreams for eternity?" He whispered.
"Yes." She answered him.
He lowered his head and kissed the pulse in her throat.

His fangs pierced her ivory neck,
and he drained her of her mortality.
She awoke as his eternal bride,
and he whispered in her ear.

"You are mine, mon couer. You are mine for all eternity, and we belong to the night."
He led her to his bed, and they slept in each others' arms.
Their immortal souls slipped away at dawn.

He was the key to her locked soul.
He set her free, and uncaged her spirit.
He opened her heart to love and the embrace of darkness.
He was the key she had so long sought.

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