December 3, 2007
By Brittany Pomales, Haverhill, MA

Laying in bed
I start to wonder
What is that noise
Its louder than thunder
I know its not santa
Cause he isnt real
But i put on an act
For my brother whose near

He rises from his bed in fear
"What is that noise
that i just did hear"
"Dont worry
its santa up on our roof"
"Then im going outside
to get us some proof"
He runs down the stairs
two by twos
"You cant go outside
without your shoes"

Outside we stand
In the freezing cold
to satisfy my brother
who is five yaers old
up on the roof
were some shadowy lumps
one big and round
and eight tiny bumps
I know those arent
there in the day
Suddenly i hear one say
"On doner on blitzen"
the rest was a blur
because i went down to the ground
when i heard those words

As i awoke to my brother
standing over me
my brother yells
"Santa said hello to me"
we run inside
to look at the tree
under it were more presents
then eyes can see

The sight of that night
made a believer of me
but i still think and wonder
if it was all a dream

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