December 3, 2007
I close my eyes to be silent and shut everything off,
Yet I’m surrounded by me.
Voices and scenes sneak their way in,
Violent thoughts, demons haunting, little girls screaming.
But I’m okay, I calm down, I reach for the phone,
God-Mother reminds me that I ‘m grown.
Though I’m switching from age to age,
I’m playing roles in an awful stage.
Lights on, lights off, people, no people at all,
I run, I walk, I scream, I crawl.
I feel the power over me run through my arms,
I’m shaking, I’m falling, there’s just too much harm.
Then I relive everything again,
A part of me likes to cut near the veins.
Thankfully I have people that love me for me,
I’m working hard to be whole and someday be free.
Meanwhile I do the best I can,
Good moments will come and go but I’ll break the chain.

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