Sometimes I Forget

December 3, 2007
Somtimes i forget he has feelings
and only think about my own
realizing i hurt him messes with my mind
so i push it to the back of my mind
being inconsiderate once again
thinking of myself may make me ignorent
but they say ignorence is bliss
so maybe it will result in somting good
And it will allow me to learn
And make him stronger
And together we will be better
And know no wrong
And feel no pain
And seek no guilt
because like they say ignorence is bliss
beauty with pain
maybe we are just a work in progress
and its all apart of the game
even though it hurts now
it can be wonderful in the end
even through the problems
we will soon learn to mend
and then two becomes one
so we are one living soul
i guess threw all the pain
we have accomplished our goal

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