Sitting Here

December 3, 2007
sitting here im confused
confused about life confused about who and what i am
my mind is so skeptical at times i just dont know
im calling out "help me" but no one hears
im in this corner and no one sees
im stuck in this world that no one can come into
but i need someone here to hold me to console me just think with me 'cause i cant on my own
i cant breathe i cant see
whats happening to me?
im crying Dont you feel the river beneath you? it was man-made i know its there i made it just hold me they dont understand me no, im not insane but you are free to say what you like im telling you come with me and you will feel as i feel you will breathe as i breathe you will walk as i walk you will talk as i talk im telling you open your ears im right here i need you please just help me im calling out(TO YOU).........

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Dest123 said...
Feb. 12, 2011 at 2:43 pm
your poem is touching and i can relate to it. and i feel like its me.
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