The Clock Loves Love

December 3, 2007
The clock ticks on
the day extends
You close your eyes
whilst eveything blends
So unsure yet
so defined
The days events
press on your mind
A million and one thoughts
flow through your head
Your filled with anger, sadness, and even dread
Take a deep breath
then slowly release
Just jearing his voice
Helps find your inner peace
Day by day
you try to pull through
Staying so strong
suddenly isn't that easy to do
Reflecting upon pictures
imagining his face
Calming you heart
steadying its pace
Drowning your heart
is a sea of cold
Longing for the warmth
of his hand to hold
Those three words
are all you desire to hear
Remembering the comfort
of having him near
Starting to realize
you are nothing without him
as time keeps passing
your eyes start to dim
The tome of your voice
grows quiet and low
Unwillingly becoming
someone you dont even know
Anticipating the day
you see him again
his undescribable kisses
his embrace you wish to be in
That one day
the light of your soul
will brightly turn on
You re-become you
and the coldness is gone
The clock ticks on
The day extends
You hold your head high
Knowing the darkness
He will bring to an end
So in love and
So defined
Those three words
Engraved in you mind
... I LOVE YOU...

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