Ode to the Coffee Stain on my Couch

October 24, 2010
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Oh, my lovely coffee stain!
Awaiting me in your immovable position
How your auburn hue excites me so.
The sentry of the center sofa cushion.

The way your perimeter darkens tint
Causes my heart to radiate with love.
A thrilling variation to the white of fabric.
You are my devotion and all the above.

I shan’t live without your splotch-like resemblance
Otherwise a nuisance to an ordinary fellow,
To me you are wonder and further delight.
Your outstanding disparity, far from mellow.

Once I searched for a way to remove you
And asked a domestic worker for a suggestion.
She simply pointed to her array of products
Labeled with warnings “not for ingestion.”

Oh, how I struggled with your exclusion.
Investing in Resolve and Oxy-Clean
I attempted to rub you away from my life
Before realizing how much you mean.

You are neither a blemish nor stigma alike
But a unique aberration of mine, you see.
Without you I’m nothing, so plain and so boring
Without you I couldn’t possibly be me.

Not just a stain but a true, pure affection.
A light brought to a lifeless seat.
You have brought me irreplaceable enjoyment
To a coldness you brought an irreplaceable heat.

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soletsdance said...
Aug. 20, 2011 at 10:00 pm
Oh my gosh...! I really really enjoyed this!!! You've got the "Ode" pattern down! I very nearly want to actually meet this beloved coffee stain of yours now!! ^_^
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