Sadness Sweeps Over Her

December 3, 2007
Sadness sweeps over her
Like a silent storm.
She is confused and scared.

She loves him, but is with another
Fantasy from a younger girl
Found her yet again,
And so she is with him.
Is this the way it’s supposed to be,
Is she suppose it forget he?
She wants to let go,
But is stopped by feelings she can’t sort out.
Is it love or fantasy?
She’s stuck in two clouds,
And all she feels is the rain pouring down.
She’s getting sick and cold.
The agony fills up with anger.
Then the thunder comes in with a loud bang,
Making her head spin as her body fills up with a,
Fierce bolt of lightning… it strikes her down.
She continues to make no sound.
The world doesn’t her screams
They are all fast asleep dreaming quiet dreams.
The love of two, Confusion out in the blue
But she know knows what she must do
The storms will end sometime soon!

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