Had No Daddy Around

December 3, 2007
Had no daddy around really.
Had no father,
To show me the ropes of life.
Only had a fairytale of what,
A real father should be like.
My mother stepped in though.
Took her and his role,
But I still don't feel complete.
There's a stronghold in my heart,
That yearns for love to fill its void,
A mystery in my heart,my soul,my spirit
So, I go in search for love...
I search for love in family,
I search for love in friends,
I search for love in pleasure,
I search for love in men.
But love is not satisfied.
My father needed to be there.
My daddy needed to show me,
That fatherly love that,
Only comes once in a lifetime.
That fatherly love that,
Keeps me in hopes of finding someone,
Someone amazing like you, daddy.
That fatherly love that,
The Lord God gives me each and everyday
But...daddy's gone,
Daddy ain't around.
So, I guess that "once in a lifetime",
Chance for me,
Has gone to its afterlife...

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