Silent Words

December 2, 2007
By Kelsey Konen, Valley Center, KS

Life is a one lonely blur,
with the picture painted crooked,
and all goes silent with one word of humility.
Words hurt worse than a physical touch,
becuase once your spirit shatters,
your mind falls to the ground with it.
The world seems like the winds blow against you,
nature looks as if death has swept us,
and your eyes eliminate pity and become red.
Your strength continues in slow motion,
because your weaknesses overcome its obstacle,
as easy as a murderer's accomplishments.
Trees rustle in spite of no help of the wind,
but with a disturbing vision of unlucky fate,
with you hanging from the highest limb.
It is unfortunate that one person is your influence,
and without their approval you seek in desparity,
without looking beyone a pondered face.
It is hard to look into your washed away eyes,
and concentrate on something called beauty,
because your body shows no sign.
Efforts of shaking the words gone,
are vanished when you reveal a lie in your smile,
pretending is just forced sympathy for your own.
Fairness does not come easy in this world,
so get used to constant suffering,
because everyone dies alone in silent words.

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