Rainbow Rain

December 2, 2007
By Kelsey Killoran, San Jose, CA

a tear—
no, a raindrop
leaves a track of starlight down your face
glimmering in the greying sky
as the color,
the tint of life begins to fall
from nowhere
(because how can a sky be a rainbow
be a painting
be a swirl of the unreal?)
it falls, it races down the hill
under the ocean and through the valley
till it floods your still streaked
and everything is dark
dark but there
as if the world is smiling in a night blue
where everything is asleep and trying to wake up
and just as it is there,
you are as well
shining in the world of color
inundated into your very being
and that star streak still shines,
as the rain begins to fall from nowhere
and everywhere.

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