God’s Wish

December 2, 2007
By Ellen Boudreaux, Belle Rose, LA

Technology has gotten us many places
And we’ve become smarter these days
Yet, there is one question left unanswered
By the “mighty” human race
We have lost morality
And no longer respect each other
Everyday there are murders
Because we no longer love our brother
Our youth are not cared for
Nor are they taught well
This hatred can cause a war
Fought all within ourselves
Why is there such pain
When we are so advanced?
Because, there is nothing left to gain
For we won’t give God a chance
This is not what Jesus wanted
When he gave his life on the cross
If we continue to refuse him
Eternal happiness shall be lost
Progress will get us nowhere
And brains will save us none
For it is only by God’s wish
Our salvation has been won

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