I Will Never Be

December 2, 2007
By Kexin Yin, Winston Salem, NC

I will never be able to sing like Celine Dion.
I will never be a basketball player like Yao Ming.
I will never be able to skate like Michelle Kwan.
I will never be a comedian like Bill Cosby.

I will never have gorgeous dirty blond hair.
I will never be a hazel green eyed girl.
I will never have black beautiful vigorous skin.
I will never have extra lengthy eye lashes.

These things are all out of my reach.
These things I will never be.
But what I am is an independent and caring person.
I am passionate about things I love,
And I make up in hard work what I lack in talent.

Am I truly below all the people that I mentioned?
I think not.
Do all of them have loving families like mine?
I don’t believe it.
Do they always feel good about themselves?
Give me a break.

They are homo sapiens.
Emotional beings.
They cry, laugh, hate, and love like each and every one of us.
They have embarrassing moments and break downs.
Those are part of their daily lives.
Why don’t we get to know things like that you ask,
Why are you being so nosy I reply.

Stop trying to be something that you’re not.
Start this by recognizing your blessings.
Everyone has at least one.
I love my black shiny hair.
I would trade it with no one.

The outside does not count,
Only the inside does.
I know it’s easier said than done,
For I have ignored the saying like you.
No matter your color or race,
You are stunning within.
People will love you as who you are,
I hope you will never change.

I want to help others who like me were lost in the dream of being famous,
And some who were lost in the vision of beauty.
But what they don’t realize is that they are perfect,
Being the person they are.

If you always wallow in self pity and hate,
You will let good things pass you by.
If you always yell and cry,
You will never truly identify happiness.
If you always reject the lights that shine upon you,
You will forever live in darkness.
If you always turn away from others,
You will in no way recognize love.

This is your life,
Begin it by letting out the true you.

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