October 23, 2010
By ForAllWhoHaveLoved SILVER, Englewood, Colorado
ForAllWhoHaveLoved SILVER, Englewood, Colorado
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Straight lines
And twisted circles
Go through my eyes
Blues and purples
Are left behind
A mark of the past
Like a memory that may not last

And as the rush comes
The beat of my heart goes through you
I could tear It apart because its angry
And it's empty like love that is lying
Through teeth that are sharp and impending
Impending like dark
Don’t let it catch me
I’m running so fast but it’s worthy
And the pain it lasts
It’s a hurricane sweeping me by
It’s the tears that come when I see those eyes

Straight lines there on the mirror
With sharp points
Not getting clearer
Like the life we live
It's blue and purple
A fresh hit
Hot and supple

We know this like candle light
And we take it like there’s not much time
One more rush
One more circle spiraling
Into the purple
And now, the night it shines
Like the dead voice there in my mind
And I’m washed away into that see of lies
Into impending dark
Into the blue of the spark

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