Her Eyes

December 2, 2007
A little princess she never was,
they called her crazy and mad just because,
her eyes were always filled with so much hate,
the same eyes which saw her get raped at eight,
the look in her eyes just burns you inside,
the same eyes which cried on her dead mother's side.

She's thirteen now, and everything's so cold,
and not an arm for her to hold,
Not one smile and not a tear,
Just a look of hate and fear ,
her eyes, they look so lonely and sad,
the same eyes which saw her get sold by dad,
her eyes, they're filled with so much pain,
the same eyes which saw her get sold again.

Seven years have passed, the innocence is gone,
still so helpless, still so alone,
her eyes, to love again they could never hope,
the same eyes which saw her love elope,
her eyes, they hide the rage within,
the same eyes which saw her get forced to sin,

Another ten years have gone by,
Everyday, with a curse and a sigh,
One day she rose, a strange look in her eyes,
Of the answer; today she was wise,
her eyes were mad with anger red,
the same eyes which saw her stab her owner dead,
After years, her eyes did finally weep,
the same eyes saw freedom but with scars deep.

Like an object she was sold and bought,
She fled, leaving him to rot,
Four more years she lived with fear,
for the sinner's fate would soon draw near,
Till the day she walked in her old street,
A little girl she chanced to meet,
in her little eyes she saw a reflection,
of the same old hate and rejection,

'Little girl,' she said with a smile,
her first smile in a long long while,
It lit up her face like the dawn,
an eternity of darkness, now was gone,
her eyes were filled with something new,
the same eyes which now looked so kind and blue,
her eyes were bright and full of spark,
the same eyes which once were so sad and dark,

The little girl smiled back and said,
'Are you my mother, back from the dead?'
Another smile and then a nod,
the little girl's smile now grew broad,
'But father said nobody wants me'
'You're father was wrong, little missy,
You're all I ever wanted,
My wish today is finally granted.'

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