October 22, 2010
Withered Weeping Willows to Ancient Artisan Trees
Elongated limbs spanning with creaking and croaking
Roots dug deep stretching out in the strong earth below

Their old ancestors in the soil they toil
In Cycles they dropped seeds and gradually let go leaves
Just Like their mother trees did in the past feeding the grass

Spirits of great size roamed about mighty and tall
Ending in beauty, the old trees watched them fall
Upon each death mother would come down to see her child off

To watch the woods mother understood she needed elder trees
She picked the oldest and wisest the sweetest and kindest
And off she went over the great sea

The elder trees gave wisdom and feed love
One day fox came to the trees and laid down under the cool shade of leaves
And slept beneath oaks, willows, artisan trees

Wolf came up sat next to fox
And this caused fox to become distraught
He said get a way wolf your not like me

And Wolf ran and found a new place to be
The trees echoed why fox do you shun wolf?
And Fox said because old foolish trees his legs, snout, and mouth are so unlike me

Wind blew ruffling the leaves
And a Bear came to the fox to see
And the bear laid down looking for the same shade from the same trees

Bear said please fox I have been stung by many bees
Please lather my stings with the golden liquid stolen from the hives in the trees
Fox said no why should I help you there’s only enough liqiud one of us two

So bear made carrying his jelly goods and disappeared into the woods
When Eagle sat on one of longs limbs of the old willow trees
And Said fox you have few needs but I can see that there is a great drought coming

So please good fox come with me and together we can fend and find our needs
The fox laid down under the trees and said silly eagle what do I need from thee?
Coming down on a tree I have no concern of your pleas

So eagle flew away and he was right drought followed him after several days
So dry was this drought it killed all but one of the elder trees
Leaving only the youngest to wait for mother to return from beyond the seas

Fox found the eagle, bear, and wolf
Who had made their way and claimed a new liar
Fox said I am so thirsty you’ve forging for food give some to me

Eagle, bear, and wolf retracted into their liar
Letting the fox die out there and he called out
Young Tree, Young Tree please consul these cold beasts

Fox you them casted all away from ye
And now you call me and ask for sympathy
I’m sorry young fox but it seems like they are distraught with you

So Fox laid out their for a day or two
So hungry his ribs began to protrude
And Eagle Wolf and bear contemplated the price of giving him food

It wasn’t till the wolf came and sat down and said look around
Our forest is burning the drought is reflective of each others hate
So I give you my food and realize it was love that saved you from your own tomb

For even mother will say
Differences there may be
But you are all my children to me

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Chemlocke said...
Nov. 8, 2010 at 7:53 pm
This piece is extremely powerful. It has a ringing musicallity that reverberates throughout the entire read. The rhyme scheme is flawless, as is the symbollism protrayed. The ideas are consumming and enthralling. Good job.
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