December 1, 2007
By Hannah Houseworth, St. Joseph, MI

The chestnut horse gleamed and the
Sweat sparkled as the luminous
Light gently brushed its flank.
After exercising the powerful
Muscles that contracted
And relaxed in time with the
Rhythm of the steps, preparing
A flowing dance of harmony
And balance. No mistakes allowed.

Nothing lasts forever, things fall apart.
The harmony became harsh, the horse
No longer dancing the way
That made our breath catch
And our eyes watch.

The breech-clad rider, only
Twelve years old, could
Feel the difference in the
Beast’s pace, long legs
Creating a different beat,
One proving impossible for
The horse’s dance partner
To keep up with.

And so the chaos started,
The four-legged creature flailing in reverse
Trampling what is behind
And refusing to move onward into the dance.
The movement ceases
And the sand in the hourglass pauses in midair.
All time has stopped, but
So brief it is back to life in a blink of an eye,
Going unnoticed by those who have yet to experience a miracle.
The strong-willed animal’s legs rise into the air,
So sudden that time almost skips yet another breathless beat.
But once again it isn’t forever,
The human and beast both come back to the Earth
But not as they had originally left.
Alice in Wonderland returns back words as
Both crash into the dirt.

And just like that time catches up.
Bordering on insane, the mania of muscle
Abandons it’s two-legged partner
Lying there in the dry dirt.
At first she appears badly broken
But as some never come to realize,
Appearances can be deceiving.
So with all the strength and bravery of an epic hero
She stands wounded by the wild beast
But is still very much alive,
Showing that nothing can crush you
and keep you down.
A hero.

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