No Longer Alone

December 1, 2007
By Laura Mayron, Haiku, HI

The horse walked along the deserted road,
his head down, hooves shuffling.
His lead rope, frayed at the end, trailed on the dusty ground.
His chestnut forelock hid his eyes,
his white star merely a faded spot on his dusty, red-brown coat.
He walked abandoned, alone.

On the other side of the deserted road,
the girl stumbled along, brown locks hiding her face.
Her shoes were worn, her heart tired.
The fading light cast her meager shadow on to the hard earth.
She was alone.

Each heard the other’s steps.
Girl and horse looked up.
Seeing each other, their eyes sparkled with stars.
She picked up his lead rope and adjusted his faded halter.
The girl patted the horse’s dusty coat,
and they walked, together.
No longer alone
as they trod on the deserted road into a new coming night
sprinkled with stars.

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