Who am I?

October 25, 2010
By Anonymous

whenever you go to a job interview they always ask you who are you? How would you describe yourself? Sometimes i'm not even sure who iam, i just make up stuff like,i'm gregarious,easy to make friends with. But those things are not really ture about me.i'm very shy, i love small crwods never like to be the center of attention. i like to sing,dance and draw. I like pizza, spaghetti.Indian food and hatian food, oh and i'm haitian, born ther raised in Brooklyn. I have very low self confidence. I hate speaking infront of class. Many peopleknow what they want to be in the future. But i'm not sure. I want to be alot of things. I want to be a novelist but i hate writing. I want to be a singer but i'm timid. i want to be an artist but i'm not very good at it. Oh and i almost forgot i have a bad temper. When people ask me who iam i'm never really sure. So this is me.... i think

The author's comments:
i wrote this piece for an english assignment.i had to write about me in a poem style.

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