Life through her eyes

October 24, 2010
By , Sicamous, Canada
All she ever wanted was to be loved for her imperfections.
Not for her reflection.
Someone to build her up make her strong.
Never making her feel wrong.

Someone to help her Just keep breathing, keeping her voice alive.
Not allowing the waters to let her deep dive
Sinking to the bottom should have not been a choice.
For she should have always had a voice.

Freedom of speach.
Let it rise and reach.
The waters trying to pull her under
With the clouds deepest thunder
Tears fall down her cheek.
For the secrets that cannot seek.
Trying so hard not to change,
Seems so out of her range.

He said he loved her as he held her in his arms.
Promising never to do her harm.
He broke her heart.
She fell apart.

So she pretends to be someone shes not.
With her secrets she rots.
Wishing she could stop all that keeps going.
Her tears continue flowing.

She's drowning in her cries.
The water rising for the lies.
The stars still shine at night above her head.
There is no light as she lies in bed.
She toke a shot.
Never realizing how much is alot
She took to much and so she falls.
Biterness follows her in the halls.

She hates her life.
Once she used a knife.
Now she bleeds out all the pain.
As she loses all control going insane.

She's disgusted by her weight.
So she choses her fate.
No longer does she eat.
As she gives her body it's life long beat.

The parents ask, and so she lies.
Never realizing all the while shes letting herself die.
No longer does she live.
She has no life left to give.
You will find meaning in you strength
Let it fill to your lifes length.
For you have a life worth meaning.
Do not let thought of your lifes demeaning

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