December 1, 2007
I open the door to my heart and I step in
I see many doors that I can go through
The first label I see on the doors says
Poems I walk in and my heart in that door
The next door says love
I slowly open the door
I begin to cry at how bad the heart looks
It looks as if somebody (-ies) have beaten it up
I begin to try and fix it
But then I see a boy come in and make another dent
So I go after that one first and I almost get it
Then he comes back in and heals it
A minute later he comes back in and makes
A dent, so big that I cry
I start again at the dent
Then he comes back in with his arm around another girl
He created a little hole, which spread to the extent
Of his big dent
Then came in another guy
He slowly but carefully patched up my heart
I run out of the door while it is open
On the next door, it says trust
I’m afraid to open the door
Then I peak inside
I see five men fixing the bloody and messed up heart
The oldest one is trying to get
This heart around its mother
But the heart won’t let her
Pushing her away time and time again
Because once this heart closes to someone
This heart closes on them forever
I shut the door quietly
I look around at the other doors
Then I see one that looks interesting
It’s labeled memories
So I walk across my heart to the memories
I close my eyes and open the door
I look all around and I’m confused
Why is there a sign that says:
Don’t walk in on the door that is ajar?
I wonder if it is because
I want people to come in but only if your curios
If you aren’t then you’ll just leave me behind
‘Really don’t want that
So I don’t listen to the sign
I go in and see one of the most traumatic things
It is of me and …
Oopps I ran out before I saw the end
I ran out of that door and the main door
I’m back in the main hall of my heart
I find the exit and as I walk to the door
I see the guy going back into love
I run over and block him from coming back in
Then when he gives up he disappears
I then leave out of this mysterious heart

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