dear mom

October 25, 2010
words of an unspeakable truth
how bad he hurt you, hurt me
we choose not to speak about
the lies the deceit in sheets
of paper are words of letters
you chose to write to make things
better yet the only thing that changed
were the days that went by, blue skies
to gray, different cars passed our way
no one asked how i suffered in the storm
blew down trees stabbed stakes through
my knees, unable to walk through the sand
to run away from the needs you failed to
meet, emotionally. at night i sat awake
wondering where this would all lead.
then i would drift into pointless daydreams
unfilfilling my dreams near
the stars and planets are spinning
knocking away the reality i cant see
blinded yet brail doesnt even explain the pain
i meet.back down on earth something seems new,
he`s there, not you. patch up the relationship he says
but all i hear is bread; money he tries to bribe
mah emotions. let fly thee birds with thys message
this was your idea i think, you want me to like him
i see. what`s going on here, i dont dare answer
to the evil thoughts my brain spits words of hatred
`cuhz for years i deserted my mother. left behind three
words of life. at age 5 i gave away the right to say
i gave your hand like a father does at marriage. 8 years
go by and you have not yet returned. where's the mother
i deserved.invisble. no, invincible. i will overcome these
struggles. by myself i walk the path to my future while you
stay behind to reminisce with your future about your past, ME.
goodbye to a mother i cannot reach, desert me split me like the
banana split we never got to eat. cuhz this is the cherry on top.

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