A Complex Mathematical Complex

October 25, 2010
By HippieChick PLATINUM, Cincinnati, Ohio
HippieChick PLATINUM, Cincinnati, Ohio
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mathematician feels a pulling,
brain is working, pencil dulling,
rolling rampant round the point,
calculating every joint.
lost in pathways, all connecting
yellow mirrors caught reflecting
what is heard but never seen.
purple sounds start sounding green.
defending cognate application:
logical imagination.
lost in space, but somehow bounded,
blurs the face and body grounded.
meaning seeming out of reach,
streaming through the gleaming breach.
free to see the lands beyond,
high and dry beneath the pond.
soggy mosses creeping closer-
emerald envies that engross her.
(calmly crying, "let me be")
the soggy seaweeds seize her knee.
twisting vines like twisting lines-
unexplainable designs.
formulas for lost equations;
fictitious numbers bode invasion.
abstract thoughts disintegrate
as systematic wisdom waits.

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