December 1, 2007
As I swallow the last pill the glass shatters to the floor.
Just like my heart the pieces can't be fixed anymore.
The glistening water reminds me of my tears,
It's touch is cold but it's crystal clear.
For the first time I can feel my heart
Beating like it could never start.
Maybe now it's suddenly repaired,
Staring the devil in the eyes like he actually cares.
I got lost on the road that I followed,
But found relief from the pills that I swallowed.
Why did I waste all this time?
Why now do I leave it all behind?
I'm sorry for being a burden on your everyday,
And making you wish I would go away.
I leave you now hoping you'll find
The hope you lost when I was left behind.
The last review of my horrible life flash by,
Reminding me that I was more than a mistake;
I was a lie.

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