Empty World

October 25, 2010
By , roy, UT
Time and space cannot my joy.
To love is to live and to live is to love whether you’re a girl or a boy.
The pain and happiness and all the pure bliss are the things you share with a friend.
A friend is not truly a friend unless they’ll be there till the end.
In life you only have to pay taxes and die.
People everywhere are getting depressed and still they wonder why.
The stress of life, the pain and strife. Where happiness should be are fading oh so fast, very rapidly.
Hallow are the once filled souls they’ve grown up, their now adults.
They’ve no time for childish fun, their off to find “the one”.
They’ll find in time that even this rhyme is boring and its plain.
Their once full lives come crashing down their married and their sad.
They’ve become the people they’ve always hated, their mom or their dad.
Sure some things make them smile, fewer make them laugh.
But when they go to bed at night they see the other half.
Their life is almost through, their almost out of time.
What happened to all those plans and dreams, its all been left behind.
This is it, its their last day, they’ve loved and lost and finished all their work and play.
As they sit and reminisce from this very moment to their first kiss, they ask where’d all the time go.
My death seemed so far way and now as I lay here sick in bed I know today’s the day. What happens after this is over, will I rise and meet “my maker”.
Or will it be just as I feared, I will die and be dead.
Will my conscience be cleared.
I guess I’ll find out soon enough, I’m fading fast.
This very breathe could be my last.
So I say goodbye, please don’t cry.
I wasn’t worth it in the end.
I did not live all I did was exist and if there is a god that is my biggest sin.
So condemn me to hell but promise me this: live your life and live it well for no one remembers a mere existence, but someone who really lives has the best of lives in this empty world.

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