I've got six hundred and sixty six roses today

December 1, 2007
By Cheston Tabler, Crane, MO

This morning was so strange,
the fog rolled over the hills like waves.
I'm not going to lie,
it was amazing.
sometimes I think I'm losing myself,
and I'm not speaking figuratively,
I actually am losing myself,
somewhere in the background of everything.

If ever were,
then ever was.
Its my hands that create these lines,
and I'm taking credit for it.
Thats not right,
whats not right?

so, now I am to focus on your lips,
but its just a thought my mind cant process,
your lips are to beautiful for me to kiss,
my ugly skin, is to thick with sin, to taste, to feel.

I'd also wish to know what its like to be real,
cause when you hide behind what someone else has made, nothing is.
whats is perfect? and what is wrong?
what is ugly?, oh yeah me.

I live to lie,
I lie to live.
I guess you can say I'm courageous,
at certain times.
at others, I'm to weak to stand,
and to scared and shy, so I hide behind myself.

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