Drama, Hatred, Hurt, Envy, Drugs

December 1, 2007
By Heather Green, Thomaston, GA

Like being eaten alive by evil bugs.
You can be at the top like a mammal in the food chain, or at the bottom with a cloud over your head that always rains.
Everybody is in competition.
Nobody will ever win.
Just keep wishing, for a guy to call, or a ride to the mall.
You can try to keep standing tall, but something or someone will always make you fall.
Authority being took for granted, getting on to you just because they can.
A girl becoming a woman, and a boy becoming a man.
You can try to keep your head up, and try to understand.
But nothing will ever be your way. A friend will never stay. High school is twenty-five percent heartache, twenty-five percent depression and fifty percent fake.

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