Shameful Father

November 30, 2007
By Desiree Perkins, Corry Pa, PA

She sat on her father's lap and asked,
"Daddy, do you love me?"
Her father replied with no emotion,
His voice echoed in her mind as she woke abruptly
"I'll never really know the truth",
she thought to herself.
"I really Never will"
She fell into a dreamless sleep
Another conversation with her mother
"Every word out of his mouth, was a lie"
A Phone Call, A changed life, has only begun.
"He's in jail"
In Jail?
For fraud.
For lies.
Another call, the change complete.
Lies, Lies, Lies!!!
He tells her
Her mom was right, but was she right about this?
"Daddy, do you love me?"
She asked
He replied with no emotion,
"You are a liar"

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