Hearts Epitath

November 30, 2007
For a moment, a single moment in time where love echoes off at walls that enclose you. A single moment, Deepening abyss of eternity till deaths epitath comes calling. A single moment, where prefections made perfect, truth comes to lies, and imperfect prefections. The in the next, the walls shatter down, unblinded to the world. See who you are, as the person you became,
I always loved, always hurt, always protected, and in all fell down on a river of tears that I drift away finds no comfort in the world. You did so much to me, Did you ever understand???
You lied, lead me on in the place I found the only thing more I ever looked for. True Love, but I guess you don't feel the same. I don't think you EVER felt the same. I'm just another somebody to you, AREN'T I???
Its the way you treat me. I've tried to make a difference, change myself for you, but it wasn't good enough.
You were my somebody, what I saw in you was unique and amazing with a grace that was granted by your soul.
Yet you threw it all away, and for what? Worldly Complacement? Something to satisfy just for a moment, a single moment. For the next moment will make a change, one day you'll see. Until then, the only thing calling me to you will me an epitath on my heart from which I trusted upon you, just like a tear in the ocean. And the day I find that tear...
Is the day I'll stop loving you...

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