November 30, 2007
Silent night, no peace of mind,
No family near, no happiness find,
Its christmas its here, and all in fear
The stockings are empty, with no christmas cheer

What do they care, as I sit and I mope,
Cause all around me, is everything but hope,
And as I look out the window, and all I can see,
Is rain as it pours, make me drop to a knee.

As I think of the year, all the memories once more,
No longer who I am, no longer do I soar
On the thoughts and dreams of days since past,
Life moves along, though quite too fast.

For the gifts don't matter, they just don't last,
They're chains you bear, your fate such cast,
Cause friends are what matter, my holiday cheer,
My family they are, leaves me with no fear.

Too bad sometimes it don't work out,
That's still not what it's all about.
To be perfect will never be true...
Cause I'll never have you...

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