I'm Sorry

November 30, 2007
My life is filled with I'm sorrys.
"I'm sorry I wasn't there,"
"I'm Sorry I can't go,"
"I'm sorry I wasn't there to comfort you when you were scared."
"I'm sorry you were let down,"
"I'm sorry I wasn't around,"
"I'm sorry that everything I say brings you even more down."
But I never understood those two words,
for they mean less to mean than the stolen singing of a mockingbird.
I know you weren't there,
I know you don't care,
I know that with or without you I'm gonna be scared.
But for you to tell me,
"I promise I'll be there,"
and then not show,
but have the audasity to say,
"I wanted to be there."
If you're not gonna be there,
don't say that you will,
'cause the more lies you tell,
the more I have to sit still,
and against my will,
to here those two dreaded words...
"I'm Sorry."

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